Fall 2001: the Star Spangled Banner hangs at KCMO Union Station

🇺🇸 Kansas City, Missouri: #flashbackfriday to late 2001: we were in Kansas City, MO – a beautiful Fall. Sadly, on one Tuesday morning everything changed. Enjoying life, work & family became instantly stripped back to basic humanity – where were friends, family, associates who were uncontactable in NYC?

That surreal moment when live cameras fumbled in the dust and no-one knew what had happened: that moment in time when only one tower stood. What, the Pentagon? DC too, really? And where was this missing passenger plane – or was it planes? Were they cargo planes or passenger planes?

We did not know. All we knew was communication were down in NYC and we were scrambling to restore our network, which included infrastructure destroyed in the towers. In the days following, Star spangled Banners sprang up everywhere, almost like red poppies overtaking a field.

Some of our employees we trapped in NY & NJ. With all flights grounded, Managers jumped in their cars and drove non-stop to MO to NY. We didn't know what Comms equipment was destroyed, so we sent everything we thought would be needed, even as the dust was settling, resources, people & equipment were preparing to restore our Comms network in NYC.

One thing we knew, hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands of people, and most definitely first responders ,were dead. This photo is of KCMO's Union Station in the weeks after 9/11, from the foot of the ground to the Liberty Memorial.

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