🇦🇺 High speed Victoria Police pursuit in Melbourne 

Australia: Victorian radio station 3AW has broadcast reports of a high speed police pursuit in the Melbourne metropolitan area.

3AW callers said a car travelling around 170 km/h was making its way across the city on the Princess Freeway.

In an internet post, 3AW said the vehicle was last seen in Parkville and quoted a caller saying:

“A commodore just past me 40 seconds ago on the West Gate Bridge. He’s not getting away, there are two helicopters on him and about 6 cop cars about 30 seconds behind him,” Jake told Denis Walter.

This pursuit comes after a tragedy in late January in which a police pursuit in Melbourne was terminated and the suspect vehicle went on to hit over 40 people and causing the death of six people. The driver was shot by police and is facing trial.

High speed Police pursuits in built up areas are complex, fast moving and raise the question of if and how the public should be warned. Also highly contentious is the management of pursuits: when they should proceed, be terminated and who the decision should be made by.

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