🇦🇺 Edinburgh plastics factory saved during a massive fire in South Australia

Photo: SA MFS

Late Wednesday, 18 January 2017, the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS), supported by the Country Fire Service (CFS) and other agencies, worked to save a multi-million-dollar South Australian plastics business from a significant fire in Adelaide’s North.

  • Factory & 100 jobs saved
  • Significant plastic product loss
  • Gruelling incident, Firefighters monitored

The MFS said the fire rapidly grew, spreading to an estimated two acres of plastics products, with MFS and CFS firefighters instituting an aggressive attack on the fire.

The fire was extinguished in under four hours. At the height of the incident 60 MFS firefighters from 14 appliances, assisted by CFS firefighters, battled the blaze. 

Firefighters contended with flames estimated to be up to 25 metres high, low visibility, extreme radiant heat and strong gusty winds to save the factory, protecting the jobs of up to 100 local workers.

Several firefighters were monitored for potential heat exhaustion, with one transported to hospital as a precaution.

MFS Assistant Chief Fire Officer (ACFO), Paul Fletcher said saving the factory was made possible by the team effort of several agencies.

“I’d like to commend all MFS and CFS firefighters who worked in challenging conditions to bring this intense blaze under control. Firefighters were ably assisted by several agencies, including SAPOL, SA Ambulance Service (SAAS), the State Emergency Service (SES), the EPA and SafeWork SA.”

“It was a gruelling firefighting effort with a positive outcome for the plastics factory and its workers. The fire came within 20 metres of the factory, with intense radiant heat threatening the facility. Firefighters remained inside the business, working to shift and save equipment and machinery, while the firefight continued outside,”  
MFS Assistant Chief Fire Officer Fletcher said.

While the plastics factory has lost a significant amount of product, the factory itself remains intact, meaning up to 100 workers can continue to be employed.

The MFS said the incident is an example of the SA emergency services sector working together to protect a vital asset, local jobs and the economy and  additionally like to thank the plastics business for their assistance and cooperation throughout the fire event.

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