🇦🇺 International Counter Terrorism Forum begins in Melbourne

Australia: Law enforcement experts will be presenting from Australia, the UK, Belgium, France and North America at the first International Counter Terrorism Forum in Melbourne today. Officials from across the world are coming to. Australia to share their unique knowledge and the experiences on terrorism as the landscape is constantly evolves.  

Victoria Police Counter Terrorism Command (CTC) are hosting the forum which will providing delegates with a the opportunity to network with key senior law enforcement stakeholders, working in the field of counter terrorism. 

Victoria’s Chief Commissioner of Police, Graham Ashton, will be attending the forum which will include presentations from Eric Gigou (French RAID) who will provide an insight into the French threat environment and Dr Peter Collins from the Ontario Behavioural Analysis Unit who will discuss behaviours impacting the threat.

Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner, Shane Patton, said the two day event would highlight the state, national and international involvement required to maintain security in Victoria.

“The safety and security of the Victorian community is our highest priority and it demands a sophisticated approach.” DC Patton said.

“It is important for us to share learnings from those who have experienced first-hand the impact of terrorism so that we can ensure we are doing everything we can to protect the Victorian community.”

Victoria Police Counter Terrorism Command Established in May 2015, the CTC has disrupted a number of activities using new legislation to work with other law enforcement agencies, security and State and Federal Government departments in countering the evolving threats to the Victorian security environment.

The CTC focus heavily on assisting all international and national stakeholders in an education, training, prevention and disruption approach, which has also included use of the National Counterterrorism Hotline.

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