๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ Massive 5 alarm fire in Chicago as another abandon building goes up in flames

Image: Chicago Fire Dept PIO
United States: Saturday morning & Chicago is waking to a still smouldering fire in a massive abandon building. The alarm was raised just before 2am and as day breaks, over 170 Fire & EMS crews have working on the Kostner’s 5-11 fire now for over 5 hours. 

Image: Chicago Fire Dept PIO
Structure is a large building. CFD worked multiple master water streams with hose wagon also on scene.

Vacant building can present a major issue for US local governments. Many homes and businesses are simply abandoned due to property taxes and pampering land values. Changes in major industries also sees residents ‘taking flight’ to employment in other cities and towns.

As winter draws near it represent an increasing issue for Fire Departments, as homeless people seek shelter and often us a naked flame as a heat source. 

Many older abandoned homes may be 100% timber and structurally unsound…. making any interior search and rescue particularly dangerous.

Image: Chicago Fire Dept PIO
This call quickly developed into a full 5-11 alarm at 26th & Kostner. However no injuries have been reported, even though there was a partial collapse at rear of building.

Image: Chicago Fire Dept PIO
Relief crews were required due to the duration and size of the three level blaze. Little Village neighborhood.

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