๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ #Breaking: Rolling Blog – Two Boston Police Officers shot, both ‘extremely critical’

Photo: Boston Police Department (Twitter)
United States: Rolling blog updated below. 

Boston: BPD Tweeter feed to 5pm, October 13, 2016

Officers photographs released and history of service with the BPD:

  • Prayer Vigil for our officers and our community scheduled for 6:00 pm tonight at 69 Paris Street in East Boston. All are welcome.
  • #BPDCommunityAlert: Many have asked the question: “What can we do to help your officers?” The answer: “Please give blood.” #BeADonor

Boston: BPD Tweeter feed to 4am, October 13, 2016

We have now reviewed the full interview by the BPD Commissioner, City Mayor and DA:

  • Two BPD Officers shot in a gunfire exchange
  • Both are male Officers with approx 12 & 28 years service
  • Doctors said their condition is ‘extremely critical’ and both required surgery
  • Shelter-in-place order as initial precaution, no other suspects
  • Gunman was wearing a ballistic vest  and was shot and killed at the scene
  • BPD was responding to a domestic call
  • Suspect was thought to be 33 years old

Early morning road side press conference revealed more information (see above).

BPD Commissioner Evans added that in addition to the two officers fighting for their lives, he had nine others extremely traumatised, some with minor injuries. He said one Officer had his hand inside a wound that contributed to getting the both Officer to the ER.

“I commend the officers. They moved in and neutralized the threat pretty quick that no one else got killed,” Commissioner Evans said earlier.

He asked that the community “pray for our officers.”

Social media is beginning to be flooded with posts supporting the Boston Police Officers, which follows a spate of line of duty deaths, where law enforcement officers from around the US being targeted.

Boston: BPD Tweeter feed to 2am, October 13, 2016

As most of America sleeps, many people are shaking their heads already at the now all to common action of shooting at US law enforcement officers.

When we say shooting, in many cases we could be saying the ambush, killing, murder or premeditated execution. We hope this is not the case tonight in Boston, however in so many cases this year these small breaking news tweets develop as an officer shot, then it gets worse. 

In the case of Texas, California, State after State, there seems to be no mercy, no sense to it. The two officer taken in Palm Springs, CA, last week, a new mother and partner, father of 8, set to retire.

While it all disturbing, we find the killing of new mothers so tragic and heart wrenching: months old babies losing a mom seems just beyond brutality and into the realms of pure sadness. 

Aside from the young mother at Palm Springs Police Department, there was also a young mother killed on her first shift back from maternity leave, who died alongside others wearing the badge. By happenstance, we ended up communicating with this Officer’s sister on the day of the public memorial. It really branch it home. 

What do you say, what can you do. Every life lost is so tragic and their families, communities, departments are impacted for generations. Yet, they were thanking us for our kindness despite the self sacrifice & loss of their family.

As this unfolds in Boston, our thought are with the two Boston Police Officers, their families, partners & community. Boston, the City, it’s people, are some of the friendliest people we’ve met in any big city of America.

Take care all, from Australia. Andrew McIntosh, Editor.


Boston: BPD Tweeter feed to 2am, October 13, 2016

  • #BPDMediaAdvisory: Commissioner Evans & Mayor Walsh to brief media at approximately 2:15am.
  • BPD Commissioner has already visited scene and said:
  • Officers returned fire
  • A suspect died at the scene
  • Appears to be a domestic dispute

Boston: BPD Tweeter feed to 1am, October 13, 2016

  • #BPDMediaAdvisory: Media outlets are asked to stage at intersection of Cambridge Street and North Grove Street until further notice.
  • Commissioner Evans: “One of my officers is being treated for life threatening injures while the other’s injuries appear to be non-life.”
  • #BPD Commissioner Evans: “The situation in East Boston is under control. Please pray for our officers.”
  • #BPDAlert: Shelter-in-place has been lifted. One suspect has been located. Scene is secure. Residents kindly asked to remain inside.
  • #BPDAlert: As incident continues to unfold in East Boston, we kindly ask our community members to pray for our injured officers.
  • #BPDMediaAdvisory: Media outlets are reminded to stay outside of crime scene in area of 136 Gladstone Street in East Boston.
  • #BPDAlert: Officers were responding to call for a person with a gun at 136 Gladstone Street at 10:51pm when officers came under fire.
  • #BPDCommunityAlert: #BPD asking community members around 136 Gladstone Street to shelter-in-place as officers search area for suspect.
  • #BPDCommunityAlert: #BPD confirming 2 Boston Police officers shot in the area of 136 Gladstone Street in East Boston.

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