🇩🇪 Breaking: Counter-terrorism operation underway in #Chemnitz, Germany

File Photo: @PolizeiSachsen
Germany: The City of Chemnitz is currently the scene of a major counter-terrorism operation. Sachsen Polizei are requesting  via Twitter that no photos or images of the current operation be shared on traditional and social media. 

Latest updates: 

  • Police have extended the evacuation of local residents due to the nature of the ‘highly explosive’ materials
  • A telephone information number for residents: 0371/3872027
  • Suspect still at large: “We are looking for a suspect. If you can give relevant hints please call LKA 0351/8554114. Further information at: polizei.sachsen.de/de/45350.htm 
  • “Within the locked area please stay in your homes and follow the instructions of the police (here and on site)”

Police have stated that they are currently undertaking a major operation in Chemnitz. Police used explosives to gain access to a premises, thought to be in an appartment block. Local residents have been instructed to stay indoors and follow local law enforcement instructions. 

Reports suggest that the operation has averted an planned attack with explosives on a building (not yet identified).

We have used a file photograph of a training exercise, as current images will endanger Officers lives and also aid those evading Police.

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