🇺🇸 Firefighter killed as FDNY and NYPD Officers caught in Bronx gas explosion

Photo: NYC Mayor’s Office

United States: Our thoughts and condolences are with the City of New York as first responders who were caught up in a large residential house explosion in the Bronx today.

The NYC Mayor’s office released the following statement:

Together we mourn today’s line of duty death of one of our bravest, FDNY Battalion Chief Michael J. Fahy.

FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro today said:

“He was doing what fire officers do this morning. Our members were investigating an odor of gas. He was directing operations. They evacuated the surrounding buildings, got everyone else out of the way. When an explosion occurred, Chief Fahy was fatally struck with a portion of that building, was brought here as quickly as possible, but he was not to be saved…..

When the explosion occurred, they were there for a little over an hour. When that explosion occurred, it did blow a large portion of the roof off the building out into the street where the members were. Chief Fahy was directing operations form the street.”

The explosion is reported to have occurred at a property cultivation marijuana. Commissioner Nigro confirmed the casualties at the scene:

  • Chief Fahy died
  • 12 additional injuries
  • six police officers
  • two civilians
  • three Con Ed workers
  • Additional nine firefighters
  • None of the other injuries to the firefighters were life-threatening nor to the other members

Commissioner Nigro as stated “The last person killed in the line of duty was Lieutenant Ambelas. That was two years ago. But 1,145 members of this department have died in 150 years, so it’s not altogether rare. Certainly, the members are in the same state that I am – they’re saddened, deeply saddened by losing one of their own. These are people who live and work with Chief Fahy, that grew up in the department with him, and he’s like a member of their family. So it’s – for them, it’s like losing a family member.”

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