๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ Paramedic assaulted and dragged from a Queensland Ambulance

File photo: Queensland Ambulance Service

Australia: Queensland Police have charged a 21 year old French national following an alleged assault of a female paramedic in Cairns this morning.

Police said the man has been denied police bail after being charged with one count of serious assault of a public officer.

An Ambulance had responded to a backpacker hostel in Cairns early this morning at around 3:40am after a man was reported feeling unwell at the Minnie Street hostel at around.

A Police statement said:

“The man rushed at the vehicle and allegedly physically assaulted a female paramedic, punching her in the head and dragging her out of the passenger side of the ambulance. The man was restrained by the male paramedic and members of the public until the arrival of police where he was arrested and taken into custody.”

The 42-year-old QAS officer sustained facial injuries.

Police were called to assistance around 4am, after the two paramedics retreated to the ambulance and awaited assistance.

Police have said the man- a 21-year-old French tourist- was transported to the Cairns Base Hospital for treatment for medical issues. He remained in the hospital under police guard before being discharged mid-morning and transported to the Cairns police watch house where he was charged.

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