🇦🇺 Social media first by Australia Emergency Services Chief on Periscope

Twitter SAAS CEO

Australia: In what is thought to be an emergency services first, Jason Killens, CEO of the South Australian Ambulance Service (SAAS), did a “live” walk and talk through of a major training scenario today.

In fact, Jason may be one of the first Australian CEO’s of any organisation of this size, to get in the trenches, so to speak, and broadcast live video and commentary. 

SA Ambulance has about 2,5oo employees and volunteers and covers an emergency response territory roughly the size of England, El Salvador, Scotland, Wales and all of Ireland combined. 

Oh, we nearly forget to add France: add all these countries together with France and that is about the same size as SA. Of course the population is much lower, under two million people, but spread over a vast, beautiful and harsh geographical area.

Watch the scenario here. It is later in the broadcast that Jason talks us through what we are seeing.

Twitter:SAAS CEO

Above is the Tweet from Jason that alerted us to an imminent broadcast. Sometimes people tweet in advance and say when they will be live. 

The event shown (and recorded now for prosperity) is the September 2016 final scenario training for SA Ambulance Paramedics. After today, they hit long, wide open roads of South Australia, the famous wine regions, small towns, coastal hamlets or urban centre of the City of Adelaide.

The facility shown is the SA Metropitan Fire Service’s Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) training centre.

The broadcast was on a platform not well known in Australia, but used extensively around the world and will become so in Australia eventually. Linked to Twitter accounts, “Periscope” allows anyone, anywhere, to easily broadcast to the world. 

Periscope is akin to arch social media rival’s Facebook Live. There are statistics all users can see, for example this Periscope screen shot shows:

  • 610 Live Viewers
  • 4 mins & 12 seconds was live
  • 126 additional viewer watched replays
  • 5 hours 19 mins is the length of time watched in total (this grows as more people watch)

We use Periscope extensively and offer training in its use. Our broadcasts have been joined by people from Russia, Mexico, the U.K., the U.S. and all over the world.  We are sometimes joined by homesick Australians glad to hear an Aussie accent! You can see our broadcasts here.

As a Periscope user, you get to see additional information. We did an informal broadcast on Melbourne’s weather ahead of further rain expected this week. You can watch this here. We did our broadcast a few hours before Jason and here it the extra detail you get to see as a user: 

Periscope statistics seen by the broadcaster

Our stats were:

  • 713 Live Viewers
  • 16 mins & 31 seconds was live
  • 28 additional viewer watched replays
  • 8 hours 27 mins time watched in total 

Give periscope a go!

It will help break down barriers in your agency, business or organisation: people can hear you speak and text message you questions. 

If all goes horribly wrong, you can delete the broadcast (knowing someone could have recorded live elsewhere, like anythin you put up on the Internet – assume it stays there).

Of course, let us know if you need assistance with training. We provide personal training ‘virtually’ anywhere.

CEO Jason Killens, a formerly of the London Ambulance Service, was also recently named by KPMG one of Australia’s Top 20 most influential ‘Business Leaders’ on Twitter:

Images: SA Ambulance, Twitter & Periscope

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