๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ Rolling Blog: Suspect in Custody, Cascade Mall shooting, Burlington WA

United States: A gunman opened fire in a Washington State Shopping Mall, killing 5 people at approximately 7pm on Friday, September 23, 2016. The suspect is now in custody.

Latest: 12:00 pm Monday Sept 25, 2016 – suspect is reported to have confessed.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that the suspect in Cascade Mall shooting has confessed to the murders of five people in Burlington, Washington State.

Tweet by LA Times

3:30pm Saturday Sept 24, 2016 – Suspect in custody

  • US media reports begin showing images of victims, youngest said to be a 16 year girl and cancer survivor.
  • US media reports suspects immigrated from Turkey
  • Coroner: Need medical records for scientific verification of the Cascade Malls shooting victims. Hope to get records Monday, release info Tuesday
  • WSP: Investigators plan today: search residence, search vehicle, interview witnesses, track tips. 
  • WSP: The tips that led to the identification of the shooter came from multiple sources that were pooled together.

10:30pm Saturday Sept 24, 2016 – Suspect in custody

Washington State Police and Skagit County Dept of Emergency Management have confirmed the suspected Cascade Mall shooter is custody:


5:30pm Saturday Sept 24, 2016 – Update

The County’s SMART group is leading the investigation at the scene. Activated by the Burlington Police Department, SMART is the Skagit Multi-Agency Response Team that responds when an incident is beyond the resources of the local lead agency.

  • No new updates on #CascadeMall investigation.
  • SMART PIO Sgt Keith Leary is manning the @SkagitDEM Twitter account and will advise any updates should they occur.
  • Drivers of vehicles parked on Eadt side of mall being allowed in to pick up their cars.  No timeline for cars on West side parking lot.
  • The Cascade Mall issued the following statement on social media:

“We are deeply saddened by the tragic event that occurred this evening. Our prayers and condolences are with the victims & their families. Out of respect for the victims of this tragic event & their families, the property will be closed on Saturday, Sept. 24. In continued support of Friday’s victims & their families, we will remain closed on Sunday, returning to our regular hours on Monday 9/26.”


10:30am Saturday Sept 24, 2016 – Washington State Patrol issues it’s first official media release & account of the incident:

Press to read full WSP Press Release
Stay connected with the Washington State Patrol via these channels:

WSP image: ways to connect with the Patrol

10am Saturday Sept 24, 2016 -Washington State Patrol issues clearer new images of suspect:

Press to view Tweet: Washington State Patrol

8:00 am Saturday Sept 24, 2016 – Press Conference, Washington State:

Press to watch full press conference (20mins)
Our summary of the key points in the press conference, noting the investigation is at early stage and information is limited:

  • Suspect is male, whereabouts unknown
  • Identity is unknown, will need communities help on that
  • Don’t know intentions or motive, 20 or more witnesses interviewed overnight
  • Weapon was recovered at scene (rifle)
  • Unknown path or method of arrival and departure
  • Not known if the suspect knew the victims or if he was confronted in the Mall to stop
  • Approx 7pm Officers were dispatched to Macy’s active shooter incident
  • Over 26 agencies responded to Macy’s – over 200 Officers in total
  • Officer found 4 deceased females ranged in age from a teenager to Senior and an injured male who was airlifted to hospital
  • Officers from 4 Counties including 3 seperate tactical teams helped clear the building – over 400,000 square feet
  • Suspect had fled the Mall prior to arrival
  • suspect appeared to enter Mall without a weapon and next seen with a weapon entering Macy’s
  • 5 people have died, including the man who died in hospital last night (per WSP PIO tweet)
  • Skagit County Coroner has not seen the victims or entered the scene, has to wait for Police to ask her to attend
  • FBI says no evidence of terrorism, but can’t rule it out.

The Press Conference included:

  • Skagit County Officials & Mayor
  • Burlington PD
  • Mount Vernon PD – SMART update
  • Skagit County Sheriff
  • Skagit Dept of Emerg Mgt
  • Skagik County Coroner
  • Local FBI, ATF & WSP


7:30 am Saturday, Sept 24, 2016. Burlington, Washington State:

  • Washington State Police confirm a fifth person has died overnight. The fifth victim is a male.
  • Four women are reported to have been fatally shoot at Macy’s in Cascade Mall.
  • Official press conference scheduled for 8am in approx 30 mins

10pm Friday, Sept 23, 2016, Cascade Mall, Burlington Washington:
Another public shooting has taken place in the US, with a gunman reported to have opened fire in the Cascade Shopping Mall in Burlington, Washington State.

We send our condolences to the community, victims and their families and our thoughts are especially with first responders and ER staff.

Photo: Washington State Police
Skagit County Department of Emergency Management (SCDEM) is distributing information about the incident on Twitter at @SkagitDEM using hashtag #CascadeMallShooting. Washington State Patrol Public Information Office (PIO) Sgt Mark Francis is also tweeting at the scene as @wspd7pio.

3 to 4 people have been reported deceased in the shopping mall and othe injured. The offender is currently not in custody and local residents have been warned to stay inside and lock their doors.
Seattle FBI is assisting with the investigation and manpower. They issued a statement on Twiter:

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