🇺🇸 New York City explosion at 23rd and 6th injures 29 people

Photo courtesy of @sergeydgr8 NYC

A large explosion has been reported on Matthattan, not far from the Empire State Building. Twitter user @Sergetdgr8 was nearby and tweeted:

  • “huge boom in NYC just now. Panic everywhere” Mannhattan, New York City.
  • “Panic died down a minute later. Cops all over.”
  • “The situation at 23rd and 6th in NYC. Explosion happened on 23rd, subway station blocked off.”

Photo courtesy of @sergeydgr8 NYC
The explosion is reported to have occurred at roughly 8:30pm on 23rd street between 6th and 7th Avenues. Several injured transported to area hospitals.
The New York City Mayor is at the scene. NYPD’s new Commissioner James O’Neill has just been sworn in. 

“The explosion comes within 24 hours of a similar explosion in New Jersey in a dumpster bin. That explosion occurred prior to planned fun run.”

NYPD’s Twitter provided information as follows:

  • NYPD, FDNY & other emergency units on the seen of W23St (6 to 7 Aves). Several people injured. More information to follow.
  • Watch now facebook.com/NYPD also follow here for live updates. Be advised all information to follow is preliminary
  • We believe this was an intentional act. As of now, no connection to an earlier incident in NJ. – Billde Blasio
  • Anyone with information is asked to share it. Call #800577TIPS
  • At approximately 8:30pm NYPD10Pct cops were patrolling on W23St when they witnessed a large explosion.
  • The NYPD10Pct officers immediately called for additional units & ambulances
  • NYPD Bomb Squad & FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force were requested to respond.
  • A search is being conducted of the area around the explosion & it is being treated as crime scene.
  • As of now there are 29 injuries, one considered serious.
  • FDNY is currently assessing any potential structural damage resulting from the explosion.
  • IMPORTANT: Anyone with information we ask you to share it by calling #800577TIPS
  • Please be advised of this update regarding the incident in Chelsea, NYC:


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