๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐ŸŽ— #Honor911: US flag placed at Australian grave of a Civil War Veteran


Video: Watch on periscope here

One hundred and fifty-four years ago today, on September 10th, 1862, a United States Soldier enlisted in Company K of the 145th Pennsylvania Volunteers. He initially became an orderly in a Civil War hospital and served until 1865. On the march to Maryland in September 1862 his path, if mapped, would cross with a flight path of Flight 93 in September 2001.

After his service he came to Australia in 1865. We went looking for his grave 45 days ago and when we found it, we said we would come back on a significant date and place US flag next to gave. By chance September 10th was the closest date. It is also World Suicide Prevention Day and of course the eve of 9/11. And also, as the world turns, his enlistment on 9/10 in the US is 9/11 in Australia.

So today we linked the two places and space in time and placed a US Flag and reflected on war, #PTSD, depression, anxiety and suicide, often associated with both with military and emergency service. 

Some of the we learnt about the Civil War Veteran has erie connections to people and places we know today. He lived for a time in a country town in Victoria, Australia, where the Editor of Emergency Life was married and visits regularly. 

Ironically, the place he enlisted in US is a town called Erie in PA.

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