🇺🇸 Veteran Austin Police Dept Officer and former USMC Marine succumbs to his injuries

APD: Senior Police Officer Amir Abdul Khaliq

Austin, Texas: Prayers & blood donations have turned to condolences today after tragic line of duty death of an Austin Police Department motorcycle patrol Officer.

Earlier this week Senior Police Officer Amir Abdul Khaliq when struck by a car, said to have been making a illegal turn. The Officer was in full APD uniform, had lights and sirens activated as he escorted a funeral procession. Images of incident show an APD Motorcycle on its side next to a vehicle with extensive front and side damage.

As the Officer’s condition deteriorated suddenly, a call was put for urgent blood donations, which the community and fellow law enforcement officers responded to. However,  Officer Amir Abdul Khaliq today lost his battle.

We send our condolences to his family, friends and law enforcement colleagues. Prior to serving 17 years with the Austin Police Department,  Abdul/Khaliq served as a Marine in the Unites States Marine Corps.

Follow APD on Twitter at @Austin_Police or by pressing the badge here:

The official APD press release from today is below. APD will announce further details of the service arrangements via Twitter and other channels.
Will behind a road safety reminder to all drivers to watch for motorcycles and emergency service vehicle, the loss also highlight the inherent risk of law enforcement.

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