🇪🇸 Spain’s favourite costal town of Xàbia (Jávea) faces another day on edge

Photo in the last hour: Emma Swift

Yesterday we reported that as night fell yesterday, a wildfire was skirting the fringes of the beautiful & historic coastal of town of Xàbia (Jávea), a Valencian community in the Province of Alicante, Spain. 

Today we checked in on how things went over night. Emma Swift (@badgerowl), from Aberdeen, is currently on vacation in the town. Emma shared several images with us that show a relative calm early this morning (about 3 hours ago) and the smoke plume continues to grow, with the latest photo about 30 minutes ago.

Nearly 300 people were evacuated last night with the assistance of the local Red Cross. Helicopters and fixed wing aircraft have resumed water bombing activities today as the wildfire menaces the town again today.

A sleepless night for many locals anxious about if their properties would survive, the town in popular with foreign holiday makers as well.

Photo this morning, about 3 hours ago, by Emma Swift

Photo this morning, about 4 hours ago, by Emma Swift
The scene at dusk last night look was ominous. Situated on the Mediterranean, the well known town has a population of approximately 35,000.

Photo courtsey of Paco Cholbi, Xàbia 2016

As night fell, the wildfire was skirting the fringes of Xàbia (Jávea)

This latest fire follows a summer that has already seen excessive heat and wildfires take hold to various regions of Spain.

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