🇪🇸 Wildfire bearing down on coastal of town of Xàbia in Spain 

Photo courtsey of Paco Cholbi, Xàbia 2016

As night fell, a wildfire was skirting the fringes of the beautiful & historic coastal of town of Xàbia (Jávea), a Valencian community in the Province of Alicante, Spain.

Situated on the Mediterranean, the well known town has a population of approximately 35,000 and is popular with visitors and international tourists.

Images, official statements and comments on from Xàbia social media indicate:

  • At dusk, the wildfire was on the outskirts of the town
  • Some social media photos fire spreading among structures
  • 22 additional military vehicles & 67 personnel have just been dispatched by UME
  • Parts of Xàbia have been evacuated
  • Local Red Cross have been deployed and have opened an initial evacuation shelter
  • Last daylight photos showed heavy smoke blowing towards the beach

Residents should adhere to local advice and follow emergency service instructions. The main Twitter hashtags for the wildfire information appear to be:

  • #Xabia
  • #Jávea 
  • #IFBenitatxell

This latest fire follows a summer that has already seen excessive heat and wildfires take hold to various regions of Spain.

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