It’s worth the risk: Firefighter Ben Shultz


Training, training, training & getting it done:


Words below from West Metro (Colorado) Firefighter Ben Shultz complimenting the rescue posted earlier made by Denver FD.

Why do I share and “like” this photo? It is not to perpetuate a “cowboy” mentality or because I congratulate DFD guys for being “in the shit” and being “salty”. No, it’s because they did their job. They did the job they signed up for. They took serious risks to save an unprotected civilian’s life. They put “them” before “us”. I do not, and never have, advocate walking through a wall of flames without any regard to our well-being. But I absolutely advocate training, training, training, learning, learning, learning so that when presented with such dire circumstances we can take steps towards a successful outcome. Some have looked at these pictures and said what they did was “too risky” (without having been at the fire, mind you). It’s important that we understand…

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