Country Fire Authority CEO Mick Bourke Resigns


Claire Higgins, Chair of the Country Fire Authority (CFA) of Victoria Board, today accepted the resignation of Mick Bourke as Chief Executive Officer of CFA.

Victoria’s CFA, one of the largest fire services in the world, has been through a tough six years as Mick led the organisation through the post- Black Saturday response, the Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission and the government’s emergency management reforms. The announcement comes shortly after a change of government, with a new Labor State Premier and new Minister for Emergency Services sworn in.
P2retireMickThe media release, by Claire Higgins and issued on the CFA website today said “Mick has made significant inroads into CFA’s cultural change program which will meet the challenges of the future and I’m confident this work will continue. He has now decided to pursue other challenges. I have enjoyed working with Mick who demonstrated a commitment and enthusiasm to working with CFA and its people.”

It went  on to say, “Mick has expressed to me his gratitude to the Board for all their support and to the Executive Leadership Team for their hard work and commitment.”

The former State Government, the CFA, and Ambulance Victoria, had been involved in long standing industrial dispute with career (paid) firefighters and paramedics. The announcement comes after a legal settlement on Friday by a power company and residents of Marysville and the sixth anniversary of Black Saturday on February 7th.

The statement went of to say Mick “would especially like to thank CFA volunteers and those who support them for all the work that they do for the Victorian community” and that Michael Wootten will act as the interim CEO until further arrangements are made.


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