๐ŸŒŽ A new website and new logo for Emergency.Life


ELBrandWell we have been doing a bit of work on our logo for Emergency.Life – moved from the image of the strobe lighting bar and country side to our first “test and learn” logo.

 What do you think?

– US style Maltese Cross representing American Fire and Rescue;

– The Maltese Cross, although not the same pointed shape, is also representative of many Ambulance services in Commonwealth and European countries;

– Stars representing the United States, stylizes Sheriff badges and bravery;

– Circular belt with the services names and stylized crown representing service badge design from Britain and many Commonwealth countries;

– Red, white and blue of so many country flags, like the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand;

– Blue in the Cross also represents police and law enforcement, while red in centre circle the traditional color of Ambulance and Fire Services;

 – Red and blue are also the traditional warning light colors of emergency service vehicles (and the old logo to the right).

So what do you think? Give us a thumbs up for yes, obviously we looking to have a global community. Website & YouTube will be up shortly.

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